Would You Join Me In Prayer?

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Dear Readers,

We began the year with a word that this would be a year of breakthrough. We have certainly seen that in our church with the Holy Spirit moving in power, perhaps more than in the almost 8 year history of our Church. Our College group has had a mini move of the Spirit and the last couple of Sundays we have heard numerous testimonies of the power of the Holy Spirit touching people.

This is a very significant week in the life of our Church as we take almost 400 people from San Diego to work with our growing & thriving church in Tijuana. I ask that you would join me in praying for 3 things for our trip:

  1. Protection over all the participants;
  2. Power for people to be saved, healed and set free;
  3. Grace to bring the harvest into our Church in Mexico.

I also ask that you pray for Floyd McClung, one of our out-of-town mentors. Floyd has had significant ministry with our Church this year and has really spoken into the life of who we are. He is currently in a battle for his life as he fights an infection that has caused 2 heart attacks, a collapsed lung and other life-threatening complications. Would you pray:

  1. That God would spare his life and bring supernatural healing, and that he would have years left of life and fruitful kingdom contribution;
  2. For his family as they have been enduring a hard time for the last several weeks?

Lastly, would you begin praying for Easter? We are asking to bring many people to salvation, but even more so that they would be knit into our spiritual family and become fully devoted followers of Jesus.

Thank you so much for being such a whole-hearted people for the kingdom. Let us always believe that prayer shapes history!

For his Kingdom and His glory,

Robert Herber

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