Powerful Peru




Every night at our family devotional time before the trip we would go around the table and each of our children would ask God to do something specific in Peru.  Hallie prayed the same thing every time, that we would see God work miracles.  God was faithful to answer Hallie’s prayer.

After our first street outreach I preached the gospel and many responded for salvation.  Then we explained that God healed people and people began coming forward with all kinds of pains and illnesses.  The children joined us in laying hands on the sick and praying for healing. In the midst of their prayers was one of those unique times where God began to move in power.

 Pain started to leave peoples bodies and sight began to be restored.  Once God began healing people the news traveled fast.  Soon we had lines of people waiting to be prayed for. 

The most dramatic was a woman who had searing pain in her arms and legs and as we prayed the pain left.  Then Stef asked her if she had a tumor and the lady explained that she did in fact have a tumor in her back. After Stef, I and the kids prayed for her she began to tell our translator that she felt things shifting in her body and asked for the address of the church we were working with.  Two days later she showed up at the church which was on the other side of town and shared her testimony. 

She stood up and testified in the church that when we prayed for her she had felt her tumor moving around and the intense pain leave her arms and legs. That evening when she was home she felt some extreme pain in the same area and felt movement in her body once again.  As she continued with the story, she explained that she felt something dislodge, and as a result, her body passed a large black mass.
Needless to say, the church was in awe as she proclaimed again and again, “I am clean!”  She had brought her brother who was also in pain.  As the kids prayed for him his pain left him, and with a smile, he was hugging and kissing all our kids!
What a joy for our kids to experience the power of our miracle working God at such a young age!
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2 Responses to Powerful Peru

  1. Praise the Lord! Just shared this story with my band who is on tour playing worship for kids camps. We are all so stoked on the power of our Lord! I will keep sharing this story with everyone I know!

    • robertherber says:

      That’s awesome Janae! Blessings on your tour. May the kids see the light of Jesus thru you guys!

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